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Safe and Convenient Service

Current Rules at the Commissioner for Oaths Office in Calgary

  • Please be on time for your appointment OR let me know if there are any changes. A no-show (failure to show up for a scheduled appointment without notice) is a major inconvenience and may result in denial of service in the future. Your timely call or text is expected and appreciated in case you cannot make it to your appointment for any reason.
  • Any persons who do not require service, including young family members brought along, or other individuals who are not providing assistance and whose presence is optional (not absolutely necessary for the process), will be kindly asked to refrain from entering. I appreciate your understanding.
  • If you have any special health concerns OR if you have even mild flu-like symptoms, please have this discussed with me prior to your appointment and consider wearing a face mask if you are not feeling well.
  • Please remove your street shoes upon arrival as we are trying to maintain a very clean and healthy environment.

Feel free to call or text me directly at 403-471-0180 if you have any questions or want to discuss your concerns, and I will be happy to assist you!