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Friendly, Safe, Welcoming

You are welcome to contact the commissioner directly with any other questions about commissioner for oaths services, including any health and safety concerns you may have.

  • How much do you charge for commissioner of oaths services?

    I strive to make my commissioning services affordable to anyone. My current fees are $20 for your first document / commissioning act and just $10 for each additional one (GST applies).

    Another advantage is that my service is always appointment-based, which means no lineups at the door (and no complicated virtual lineup procedures), and your valuable time can be utilized very efficiently: so even more savings!

    *Please note that some documents may require multiple commissioning acts (when there is more than one declarant / deponent to the same document or when there are multiple affidavits / declarations on one page).

  • Do I need to show an ID to have my document commissioned?

    Identity verification is an important part of commissioner for oaths service. Please make sure you have a piece of acceptable ID with you for your appointment with me as a commissioner:

    Common acceptable IDs:

    • Canadian provincial (or territorial) driver’s licence,
    • Canadian provincial (or territorial) identification card,
    • Canadian passport (or Canadian travel document),
    • Canadian treaty status card.

    If you do not have any of the above, the following documents may be acceptable (subject to reservations):

    • Canadian citizenship certificate card,
    • Identification document issued by other (foreign) state or jurisdiction (if the required information is provided on the document in the graphic systems I am familiar with, including Roman (English, French, Spanish, etc.) and Cyrillic (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, etc.)

    *If due to extraordinary circumstances you do not have any acceptable identification in your possession, a more complex identification process involving Identification by Statutory Declarations will be required.

  • How do you accept payments? Do you offer contactless payment options?

    I accept cash and e-transfer payments with no extra fees for customers.

    Payments (contactless or insert) with Canadian debit are subject to a 1% processing surcharge before tax.

    The following payment methods (contactless or insert) are also offered for your convenience, all subject to a 3% processing surcharge before tax:

    • Credit cards (any Canadian and most international are accepted),
    • International (non-Canadian) debit cards
    • Wise cards,
    • Smart app transactions (Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.) if credit or international debit is used,
    • Visa or MC-branded gift cards.
  • Who can be my witness? Do I need to bring along my own witness?

    While I can directly witness many documents, in certain cases your witness and the commissioner for oaths must be separate persons.

    As a rule of thumb, if your paperwork includes at least one "affidavit of execution" (also known as "affidavit of attestation" or "affidavit of witness"), then a separate witness (or more than one witness as your particular paperwork may require) will also need to be involved in the process.

    You are encouraged to provide your own witness (witnesses). If you are unable to provide a witness of your own, I will do my best to make an arrangement with a witness (extra fees will apply).

    Generally, you may bring along any adult who is willing to assist you as a witness and is at least 18 years of age, as long as there is no conflict of interest. If unsure, please feel free to call or text me directly at 403-471-0180 to discuss your situation.

  • Can I have my affidavit or statutory declaration commissioned if I cannot come to your office?

    If you are unable to attend in person for any reason, please inquire about my mobile commissioner for oaths service. In most cases I can assist you at your home or workplace (extra fees will apply). In extraordinary circumstances where it is not possible or is medically unsafe for the customer to physically attend before a commissioner for oaths, remote commissioning of affidavits for use in civil and family proceedings during the COVID-19 pandemic can be made available until further notice (extra fees will apply). Please feel free to call or text me directly at 403-471-0180 for more details.

  • Is it safe to visit a commissioner for oaths during Covid-19?

    As the essential service provider, I have been staying open for you throughout the pandemic. All the recommended health and safety measures have been in place at my commissioner's office. For more details about how I keep you safe at my office please visit my RULES & HEALTH page.

  • Are you able to print my documents for me?

    While customers are encouraged to bring printed paperwork for their appointments, I can certainly have the documents printed out at my office (extra fees apply to all printouts provided by the commissioner). Please make sure that all forms requiring commissioning have been completed (not left blank) and are ready to be commissioned by the time of your appointment.