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Safest Service During COVID-19

As an essential sector professional, I have been staying open for you since day one of the COVID-19 crisis.

It has certainly been a challenge but I am proud to have created a genuinely safe and caring environment at my office, and to have assisted many individuals and businesses needing commissioner for oaths service in Calgary amidst the uncertain times.

Every health and safety measure — meeting or exceeding regulatory expectations — has been in place at my commissioner's office, including use of masks and face shields, proper social distancing, disinfection of surfaces, UV / ozone sterilization of the premises, and more. Also, my commissioning service is appointment-based, which means no lineups ever.

Even though the cost of business has increased significantly due to new health and safety measures, my very affordable commissioning fees have not changed one bit and my customers have not seen any COVID-19 surcharges on their receipts at this office.

Current Covid-19 Health and Safety Rules at the Commissioner for Oaths Office in Calgary

  • All visitors are required to wear face masks / coverings as per the effective City of Calgary Bylaw 26M2020.
  • If you are sick or experiencing flu symptoms or have other health concerns, please have this discussed with me prior to confirming your appointment.
  • Please be on time for your appointment as significant efforts and time are needed to thoroughly sanitize the premises before and after every appointment, including scheduled UV / ozone disinfection sessions.
  • Please let me know if there are any changes. No-shows (failure to show up for a scheduled appointment without notice) are a major inconvenience. Your timely call or text is expected and appreciated in case you cannot make it to your appointment for any reason.
  • The appointments are currently limited to one-on-one services. Any persons who do not require commissioner for oaths service, including young family members coming along, accompanying friends or other individuals whose presence is optional (not absolutely necessary for the commissioning process), will be kindly asked to wait outside. I appreciate your understanding.
  • Please remove your street shoes and sanitize hands upon arrival.

*Please text "I confirm" at 403-471-0180 on the day of your appointment if you understand the above and agree to adhere to it.

Feel free to call or text me directly at 403-471-0180 if you have any questions or want to discuss your concerns, and I will be happy to assist you.